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News Sat, 01/15/2022 - 18:13

TimeKeeper - The Ultimate Solution For Business Productivity Optimization

Throughout the years, effective workforce monitoring and performance management have become the goal of all enterprises to achieve the highest level of productivity and deliver the best service quality. As the business scales up and remote working becomes essential to acquire the best talent, these objectives become a challenge. With a mission to assist enterprises in enhancing their efficiency and working experience in this competitive business world, TimeKeeper is introduced and aims to become a great companion of businesses. 


TimeKeeper is the first service level agreements (SLA) management solution for enterprises in Vietnam. The software belongs to akaBot ecosystem, by FPT Software - the global leading technology and IT services group headquartered in Vietnam. It offers actionable insights into the business processes and employee performance through three critical management features (visualization dashboard, advanced reporting, and 3-level tracking), contributing to a significant boost in productivity and service quality. 


With TimeKeeper, leaders can view their business efficiency in a holistic picture, analyzing any disadvantages in the process and better planning for optimized workflow. For any problems that may arise, TimeKeeper captures them all and reports in real-time for timely resolution. Businesses can build customized management frameworks for each process and enjoy comprehensive management. Also, the solution keeps track of the employee’s productivity, making sure that the business goals are met and SLA obligations are fulfilled.


The automatic ranking function puts the most outstanding employees at the top of the list and ensures evaluation transparency. More than just reporting on performance, TimeKeeper also helps unlock individuals' potential by uncovering their strengths and weaknesses for self-development plans and more productive working. The relationship between the company and employees is strengthened - TimeKeeper makes every individual aware that they are the organization's critical factors and share the same goal of delivering the best service quality to customers. Rather than being strictly monitored, employees are more effectively supported and have more motivation to contribute.  


With all the above benefits, TimeKeeper will be a helpful assistant for businesses that offer a wide range of services, manage a large workforce, require strictly controlled service quality, and have a need for performance rating. In other words, it is the ultimate solution to help banks, especially retail banks, improve the quality of various services related to cards processing or saving account opening. The solution has currently been applied at one of the most reputable banks in Vietnam to manage the 7 steps of the international debit card issuance process. With TimeKeeper, the client is able to guarantee its efficient service with cards issued within 4 days.



TimeKeeper helps ensure the business dual goals are met - the need for data transparency of the C-suite and an independent and stressed-free working experience for employees. With this solution, enterprises can enjoy the optimized customer services.

Ngo Quy Kien Product Owner of TimeKeeper

TimeKeeper can build a more professional workplace, where service quality is put first, and everyone can reach their full potential. For more information and support, click the button down below.


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