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Optimize your business operations

With TimeKeeper, business leaders can better engage with employees and clients. Achieve your own accomplishment by supporting your people and customers in their ways to success.

Effective centralized management


TimeKeeper gives leaders a holistic view of the business productivity through dashboard, ensuring evaluation transparency by automatic ranking function.

Advanced reporting

With TimeKeeper, performance data is updated in real-time. Detect all workflow issues, make timely actions, and support your people's work.

3-level tracking

Enjoy comprehensive management with customized measurement frameworks and 3 levels of tracking (step, process, workflow). Build better plans to optimize your processes and unlock employees' potential.

Boost your business productivity with highlight features

Admin management

Create users and manage login to the TimeKeeper Center system, allowing authorization to use the system's particular functions depending on different roles

Branch management

Register and centrally manage the performance of users from each branch

License management

Activate and deactivate the TimeKeeper license at any time, depending on the business needs

Agent management

Create and manage data of different TimeKeeper Agent users taking part in one same process.

Breaktime customization

Adjust the users' leave to accurately measure the SLA of the process

Data filter

Allow flexible export of reports by time, process status, branch, etc.

Report export

Export easily and quickly SLA measurement results of each process to Excel files

Seamless compatibility

Enable SLA measurement and reporting on various platforms and applications

TimeKeeper in visualization

Take a TimeKeeper tour via screenshot library. View how the solution can help you achieve your desired levels of productivity.

Unlock your business productivity powers

TimeKeeper keeps your business up and running efficiently for happy employees and satisfied customers. See how you are performing now to take productivity to the next level.

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What are the hardware and software requirements?

TimeKeeper desktop application runs smoothly on all Windows computers with Windows 7 or later. Click here to get the full detail of TimeKeeper requirements.

How can I use TimeKeeper to ensure that my team is working productively?

TimeKeeper tracks the websites and applications people use while working. In detail, Agent running on employees' PCs records keyboard and mouse activities into logs, which will be collected on Center for reporting. Business leaders can extract different reports depending on their needs and see whether the employees are working in accordance with the decided workflows, or if their time is used productively.

How much does it cost?

Please visit the Pricing site for more details about our pricing.

Are there any privacy concerns?

TimeKeeper is not working as a camera to strictly control employees, but monitors and evaluates their work efficiency. This means only steps in the workflow developed on Studio are kept track to measure the time spent on each process. Other irrelevant activities or the use of computers during break time/ after work are not recorded to guarantee employees' privacy.

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