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Accelerate your customer service quality

TimeKeeper is the SLA management solution for enterprises to achieve optimized efficiency in every process



TimeKeeper makes use of visualization dashboard, automatically recording and ranking employee performance. See your business efficiency in a broad picture with efficiency levels of individual employees and the process as a whole.

Effective planning for process optimization

TimeKeeper ensures transparency of employee evaluation and turns your pressure into motivation to get on top of the enterprise. Managers can make strategic decisions with precision to optimize the business operation and enhance competitive advantage.

Smart Reporting

TimeKeeper updates performance data in real-time, showcasing the state of business productivity and uncovering every workflow issue.

Timely responses to any workflow problems

Take timely actions to ensure the best customer service quality with TimeKeeper! Adjust the workflow to eliminate inefficiency, and if your employees already reach the desired level of productivity, support them to keep on the good work!

3-level tracking

TimeKeeper offers customized measurement framework for every process of your business and 3 levels of tracking with process, workflow, and step.

Performance analysis with accuracy

Enjoy a comprehensive measurement with TimeKeeper! Learn about your process in detail and explore your employee’s strong points by taking a closer look at their jobs.

Unlock your business productivity powers

TimeKeeper helps keep your business up and running efficiently for happy employees and satisfied customers. See how you are performing now to take productivity to the next level.

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TimeKeeper helps ensure the business dual goals are met - the need for data transparency of the C-suite and an independent and stressed-free working experience for employees. With this solution, enterprises can enjoy the optimized customer services.